I understand that if my child has additional needs, current and/or a history of challenging behaviours, any medical conditions or if a court order is currently in place, I will inform EPIC Holiday Camps via email. I understand that this must occur before my child’s EPIC Holiday Camps attendance.


I have read the cancellation policy and understand if a child can not attend, 24 hours notice is required prior to 8am, by email only to info@epicholidaycamps.com.au. No other form of cancellation will be accepted. Cancellations received before 24 hours will receive a credit to the customers EPIC Holiday Camps account to the value of the day/s cancelled including the experience costs associated with that day. Cancellations received after the 24 hour period will be charged in full, inclusive of extras, without credit.

If a cancellation is received due to a medical illness the customer will receive a credit to their EPIC Holiday Camps account to the value of the day/s cancelled if I email a medical certificate to info@epicholidaycamps.com.au.

If the service is cancelled, refunds will be issued within 30 days of the booking date.


I have read and understood the daily fees. I am aware that child care rebates and benefit applications are managed through Centrelink and that I will not receive any rebates unless deemed eligible by Centrelink and I must provide accurate CRN and date of birth in my registration in order to receive the rebates.

I am aware that the initial payment must be made in full to secure my booking (unless payment plan is prearranged with EPIC Holiday Camps Management) and that rebates applied before care is given are estimated by Centrelink then adjusted and finalised after care is given.

I am aware that the charges will be debited from my nominated account within a week of making my booking then again after my child has attended if any rebate adjustments are made by Centrelink.

Payments are processed on Tuesdays and Fridays each week. I am aware that Ezidebit charges a $14.80 dishonour fee for declined payments and it is my responsibility to ensure that funds are in my account.

I am aware that there may be extra costs associated with some scheduled experiences such as incursions or excursions, which are listed on the website schedule page.


I am eligible for the Multi Child Discount If I book my children into the same venue on the same day.

Discounts are applied as follows:

● 2 Children: $5 off total

● 3 Children: $10 off total

● 4 Children: $15 off total

● 5 Children: $20 off total


Fees will increase by $10 per child, per day, if you are booking within 7 days prior to the attending date (Eg: If you wish to book for a Wednesday you must have made your booking by 11:59pm Tuesday of the previous week, in order to avoid the $10 late booking fee). This will appear on your statement as a late fee.

In an effort to avoid late surges in bookings, we encourage families to book earlier so that we can staff, plan experiences and resources accordingly.


I acknowledge that all payments are deducted via Ezidebit and I will incur Ezidebit processing fees.

I understand Ezidebit is an external payment provider and all fees and charges applied by Ezidebit are not charged by EPIC Holiday Camps.

Ezidebit fees are:

● $0.88c Per Direct Debit transaction (absorbed by EPIC Holiday Camps)

● 2.42% for Visa/Mastercard transactions (Minimum $0.88c per transaction)

● 4.4% for AMEX/Diners (Minimum $0.88c per transaction)

Ezidebit charge all new customers a one time $2.20 set-up fee for each new venue they attend. Any enquiries I may have in relation to Ezidebit’s additional fees will be directed to Ezidebit: www.ezidebit.com

All Bookings are only confirmed when payment is made in full.


If my payment declines from my designated account, then an $14.80 dishonour fee may be charged by Ezidebit, this will depend on the reason for the declined payment. Please see Ezidebit’s Client Agreement for an explanation of their dishonour fees. EPIC Holiday Camps reserve the right to cancel my booking if I have 2 consecutive failed payments.


At the conclusion of the program, if my account has an outstanding amount I will be charged an initial late fee of $30, a subsequent late fee of $60 will incur the week following if my account is still outstanding. After this time, your outstanding account will be referred to a recovery agent. If outstanding accounts are referred to a Debt Collector and or legal representative, all associated costs with this process will be paid for by me.

I understand I am unable to make any further bookings with EPIC Holiday Camps while I have an outstanding debt.


I will be able to view a statement in my portal account within 48 hours of making my booking (N/A to weekends). I understand that payment is deducted each Tuesday and Friday (If I book on one of those days I will be charged the following Tuesday and Friday respectively).


I understand that any child/ren picked up after 5:30 pm will be charged at a rate of $1 per minute per child.


I understand that EPIC Holiday Camps is a Fully Approved Service for Centrelink purposes and will submit my child/ren’s attendances to Centrelink every Friday.

As EPIC Holiday Camps charges in advance I acknowledge that the benefit and rebate reduction amounts I receive on my statements are an estimate until the attendances are assessed by Centrelink. I agree to pay any differences in price if Centrelink recalculates my entitlements; I understand this may happen at Centrelink’s discretion.

If I intend on claiming any benefits or rebates, it is my responsibility to supply correct CRNs (which differ between parents and individual children), dates of birth and names in my online portal. This information in my portal account must match the information given to the Family Assistance Office ands be provided to EPIC Holiday Camps within 14 days of my child/ren’s attendance at the program. If my CRN’s are provided after 14 days I may incur an additional administration charge to have my account connected for Centrelink purposes.

If I have any questions relating to my Centrelink benefits or entitlements I will contact the Department of Health and Human Services Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.


I agree that EPIC Holiday Camps and its staff will in no way be liable for the loss of property or any damage or injury that may be incurred by any of my children in attendance of the holiday program to the full extent permitted by law.


I authorise the supervisor in charge, if unable to communicate with me, permission to provide my children with such medical or surgical treatment (including the administering of a general anaesthetic) as may be deemed necessary by any medical practitioner, and I authorise my child to be transported by an ambulance service and pay all medical, hospital and ambulance expenses incurred by EPIC Holiday Camps on behalf of my children.I understand staff may need to assist children with the application of sunscreen where necessary, in accordance with EPIC Holiday Camps's sunsmart policy.


As part of the program staff may take photographs or video of the children which may be used only for EPIC Holiday Camps publications, including our website and social media pages. If I do not wish for my child to be photographed I will advise EPIC Holiday Camps via email to info@epicholidaycamps.com.au


I understand I will automatically be subscribed to EPIC Holiday Camps' quarterly email alerting me to bookings opening, special offers and other updates, and can unsubscribe at any time.